Verpasse keine relevante E-Mail mehr. Mit in.bounz für Salesforce.

Mit in.bounz überwachst du alle eingehenden E-Mails. Und importierst die wichtigsten automatisch in Salesforce. Für maximal automatisierte Prozesse. Und mehr Zeit für die wichtigen Dinge.

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1. General questions

1.1. What is out.bounz?

out.bounz is a Salesforce-native app for automating your email communication.

With out.bounz you can send manual or automated emails to your CRM contacts without leaving Salesforce.

Using email templates and automations, you can create workflows to save you a lot of manual work and time in communication.

1.2. Is out.bounz the right solution for my processes?

out.bounz is the right solution for you if... already use Salesforce. want to save a lot of manual effort and time in communication. want to save recurring messages, such as offers or reminders, as templates in your system and send them automatically using triggers.

2. Using the app

2.1. Is there a limit for sending emails?

With out.bounz you can send messages via SMTP, which makes sending emails on the Salesforce side just an API callout. The API callout limit is then decisive, which is usually over 100,000. You can find out more about the API callout limit here.

A further limitation can arise on the part of the email provider: Here it must be clarified whether there is a limit for sending per day or sending via SMTP.

2.2. How can I create an individual newsletter template in out.bounz?

If you want to insert an individual email layout into out.bounz (for example for newsletters), you can use HTML email builders (such as Unlayer or similar).

With the help of these tools, you create your desired email layout, simply copy the HTML code and paste it into the free text field in out.bounz.